Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Moseley Folk Festival

This weekend saw the annual Moseley Folk Festival roll into town once again, bringing some of the biggest folk artists from around the world to the musical epicentre of the globe, Moseley.
As well as competitively priced beer (and glasses), the music was superb and a great time was had by all. Jose Gonzales and Seth Lakeman were very well recieved and creditable mentions go to The Bees and Morcheeba.

Bar Sunday, the weather was lavish and created a perfect back drop to the atmosphere of the festival.

Although I enjoy a bit of folk as much as the next man, the festival exposed me to the full gambit of the genre, and although I heard some music that could only be described as absolute guff, it was far outweighed by high quality music that poured over the audience like a dry ice machine at an 80's night.

The highlight of the weekend was obviously the mad rush to the bar as the excellent proprieters gave cider away for £1, with the help of a megaphone and a grim determination to shift ciders and encourage responsible drinking.

Overall the festival was a roaring success with acts that blew the socks off all who witnessed, booze that flowed like wine and tremendous Tisky marketing.

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