Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Jason and Ed's reign of terror comes to end

Big Cat directors Nick Morgan and Anthony Tattum are back from their respective holidays to bring to an end Jason Liggitt and Ed King's terranical autocracy.

In their absence, many staff complained of Jason's robust attitude towards motivation with the Big Cats getting particularly annoyed with his insistance on horse whipping and shouting "work faster/harder".

Ed has been accused of gaffer taping staff member's faces to their computer screens in bid to stop to distractions. He was also seen sticking everyones chairs and computer screens to the ceiling claiming " if you can work upside down, you can work the right way up"; never a truer word spoken.

This is actually a splinter blog as we were all made to sign gagging orders to stop us squeeling, in fact this blog will explode immediately after you have finished reading this.

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