Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Leopards leave lions licking their wounds

Big Cats Leopards rewrote the rounders rule book with a devastating display of pragmatism, samson like physicality, Churchillian motivation, and hardcore mental strength.

The desperate Lions were chasing shadows for much of the game save for a brief burst of futile activity from Greek international Jason Paphitis.
Image: Ed rounds last base

Director Nick Morgan says, " It was all about the high fives, without them, we would have struggled. To win a game of this magnitude by such a margin, gives hope to millions around the world that see rounders as their ticket to a better life."

The final score is unknown such was the gulf in quality between either side, with Ed King probably top scorering. Ed's performance galvanised his reputation as the Pele of Rounders.

The rematch date has yet to be confirmed despite Sky paying an estimated 2 billion pounds for the rights to broadcast the Olympic spectacle.


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