Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Film Dash

Film Dash: Digital Galore! is a challenging new concept where aspiring film makers are given just 48hours to create their own 5 minute shorts. The project is part of the Hello Digital festival and has been organised to pay homage to the esteemed Birmingham born film producer Sir Michael Balcon, who in the 1950’s set up the experimental film funds to provide creative opportunities for new film makers to demonstrate their innovative talent and ambition.

Budding directors, actors and scriptwriters are being challenged to pool their creative talents and produce a short film from between 1-5minutes in length. They can use any equipment at their disposal; hand held cameras, home movie making equipment or even their mobile phones, and have completely free reign of subject matter. The only stipulation is that each film must include a predetermined reference to the life and work of Sir Michael Balcon.

The winning Film Dash production will be shown at the Odeon Cinema on New Street, as part of the Michael Balcon project. The other Film Dash films including the winner will be showcased at Millennium Point as part of the Hello Digital festival.

The Michael Balcon project will consist of an introductory speech by Sir Michael Baclon’s daughter Jill Balcon along with a full cinema screening of the classic Ealing comedy Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949) directed by Robert Hamer and produced by Sir Michael Balcon.

Tickets are free, just contact Roger at and the screening will begin at 7pm promptly.

Chris Unitt, Coordinator of Film Dash: Digital Galore! says: "Film Dash is a great way for amateur film enthusiasts to really get involved in film making with a fun 'crash course' in all the processes that go into making a motion picture. Birmingham has an extremely rich and varied film history and the Film Dash project is a fantastic way to pay homage to those who have played an integral part in the region's cultural landscape. It is also a great way to introduce a new breed of film maker to key individuals such as Sir Michael Balcon."

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