Wednesday, 6 August 2008

PR department move .... 3 yards away from their original places

Big Cat's incredible, future award winning PR department have up sticks and moved several feet to the neighbouring table island, leaving Mel Sirrett cold and alone, again.

The move follows Ed King's nose bleed inducing move to the design studio, that has threatened to tear apart the company at the seams. Despite designs protestations, Ed moved in untroubled and has enjoyed working in his windowless pod that Jason Liggett built for him to avoid conversation.

Kenny Laurie and Natalie Hartland's move has been traumatic for all especially Mel who has a nasty habit of making her close collegues resort to moving desks or even leaving the company.

The two PR cats have welcomed the move and have called on the company to build them their own PR office in space or on top of a big mountain.

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